1 Day Left…

All the campaigning, the shit talking, the promises, the lies you’ve heard, the October and November surprises, they all end today. Tomorrow you have a great responsibility as an American to go to the polls and vote. This is not a responsibility to should take lightly, the fate of America as we know it lies in your hands.

We have a candidate that will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected. She has funneled money through the Clinton Foundation from countries that do not even allow women to drive or have rights, throw gay people off building, burn Christians alive. She’s taken money from wall street and special interest and all of this has been in the name of charity, when in fact it’s proven that this money was used for pay to play while she was in power. She has stated she will use executive powers to destroy the 2nd Amendment. She’s committed so many crimes, that at this point it’s hard to keep up with them. She doesn’t care about black people or immigrants, she just uses them for votes. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt candidate we have ever seen! We aren’t talking about mistakes from years ago, we are talking years of corruption and lies that have continued to this day!

We have on the other hand a man who has built a successful business that has and still includes women in positions of high management. We have a man who bought a private golf club in Miami to allow blacks and Jews to join the club. We have a man who has created millions of jobs for the American people. We have a man who loves this country so much that he is stepping away from the empire he built to walk into politics and to be dragged through the mud. That in itself should tell you the reason is he running. You can learn a lot about a leader from how they raised their children and all you have to do is look at the Trump kids and see what kind of man he is. Donald Trump is not a politician, sure he has made mistakes and he is unpolished, what do you except from a man who has never been in politics before. He’s one of us! How many of you can say that if you ran for President that they couldn’t find something in your past you said or did that you regret today? Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s all about how you respond to those and grow as a person going forward.

The choice is very simple, do we want to continue down this path of corruption, skyrocketing health care, skyrocketing debt, almost 50% of American citizens on some sort of welfare, globalism, etc. Or do we want an outsider to come in and clean up the mess and make us proud to be American’s again? This reminds me a lot of the 1980 election where the World saw us as weak under Carter and Reagan stepped in and changed everything and made us strong again as a Nation and proud again to be Americans!

This is our choice, We the People can and will decide the fate of this nation. Will we continue to be a beacon around the world for freedom and democracy, or will we fall like the Britains, Romans, Greeks, etc?

When you cast your vote tomorrow, ask yourself are you happy with the way this country is heading or can we do better? We can do better and it starts with casting a vote for Donald Trump!


All lives matter, shut the fuck up!

Let this fucking guy know “all lives matter” this fucking bullshit racist card being pulled is a ploy. If you want to be equal act like it! You don’t see “white outs”. The best way to be treated equal is to act equal… So quit the bullshit! We have a black president for God’s sake and yet we still have this bullshit happening all over the country

Tell him how you feel!