America’s Finale

This is the day of the finale, the campaigns are over. Some of us have already cast our votes and some will be casting their votes later today. No one knows what the outcome will be. But judging by the turnout I have seen already I think this maybe the biggest turnout in our election history!

My only hope is everyone realized just how important and how much is weighing in the balances this time around. This election will literally change our country for the next 50+ years because of Supreme Court Justices that will be chosen. We are either going to see our 1st and 2nd amendment protected and strengthened over the next 50 years or we are going to see these rights slowly chipped away through policy change and Supreme Court decisions that will be made.

Not voting is not a fucking option! You must have your voice heard and we must save this Republic. This country will not stand if we continue down the path of 20 trillion dollars of debt, healthcare premiums skyrocketing thanks to fucking Obamacare, illegal immigrants pouring into our country, massive handouts to those who sit on their ass and do nothing, jobs continuing to move overseas, etc. There will not be much of a Country left if we continue down this path. That is a fact! Every great empire has ended because of the exact same things we are doing today!

America deserves to be first and We the People need to let Washington know that! So wake the fuck up people! This is our shot and changing our course in history. Do we continue to the path of ruin or do we rise above it and become the America that leads the World and the World respects?

Vote! God Bless America!


It’s Time…

It’s Time…

To grab America by the pussy! Today is the day we either grab this country by it’s pussy and make her great again or we turn this Great nation into a big pussy like we’ve been the past 8 years! Noone is scared of us anymore, our enemies are laughing at us. Are we gonna change that? Fuck the rest of the world we are America! We run this shit! So in a few hours, roll out of bed, throw on your American flag speedos and head to the polls and grab this country by the pussy and fuck the shit out of a libtard! Get ready! It’s here! I’ll see you at the polls! Let’s make America great again! Let’s make America Badass again! Let’s grab America by the pussy and put the rest of the world on notice, We the FUCKING People are Back Dammit! #TrumpPence16


1 Day Left…

All the campaigning, the shit talking, the promises, the lies you’ve heard, the October and November surprises, they all end today. Tomorrow you have a great responsibility as an American to go to the polls and vote. This is not a responsibility to should take lightly, the fate of America as we know it lies in your hands.

We have a candidate that will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected. She has funneled money through the Clinton Foundation from countries that do not even allow women to drive or have rights, throw gay people off building, burn Christians alive. She’s taken money from wall street and special interest and all of this has been in the name of charity, when in fact it’s proven that this money was used for pay to play while she was in power. She has stated she will use executive powers to destroy the 2nd Amendment. She’s committed so many crimes, that at this point it’s hard to keep up with them. She doesn’t care about black people or immigrants, she just uses them for votes. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt candidate we have ever seen! We aren’t talking about mistakes from years ago, we are talking years of corruption and lies that have continued to this day!

We have on the other hand a man who has built a successful business that has and still includes women in positions of high management. We have a man who bought a private golf club in Miami to allow blacks and Jews to join the club. We have a man who has created millions of jobs for the American people. We have a man who loves this country so much that he is stepping away from the empire he built to walk into politics and to be dragged through the mud. That in itself should tell you the reason is he running. You can learn a lot about a leader from how they raised their children and all you have to do is look at the Trump kids and see what kind of man he is. Donald Trump is not a politician, sure he has made mistakes and he is unpolished, what do you except from a man who has never been in politics before. He’s one of us! How many of you can say that if you ran for President that they couldn’t find something in your past you said or did that you regret today? Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s all about how you respond to those and grow as a person going forward.

The choice is very simple, do we want to continue down this path of corruption, skyrocketing health care, skyrocketing debt, almost 50% of American citizens on some sort of welfare, globalism, etc. Or do we want an outsider to come in and clean up the mess and make us proud to be American’s again? This reminds me a lot of the 1980 election where the World saw us as weak under Carter and Reagan stepped in and changed everything and made us strong again as a Nation and proud again to be Americans!

This is our choice, We the People can and will decide the fate of this nation. Will we continue to be a beacon around the world for freedom and democracy, or will we fall like the Britains, Romans, Greeks, etc?

When you cast your vote tomorrow, ask yourself are you happy with the way this country is heading or can we do better? We can do better and it starts with casting a vote for Donald Trump!


The Most Important Election in America’s History

I am going to take a little time to be a little serious for once, because the heaviness of what is looming ahead on Tuesday November the 8th is weighing on me a lot.

Let me start off by saying I have made it very clear how I feel about Hillary and have argued and gotten angry with the way things are being run and put my two cents into every conversation I can to hopefully make one person just maybe think again.

But today I am not angry or trying to stir the pot or call anyone out, I am coming before you with one last plea before election day. I see on social media every day what half of my generation and the upcoming generation consider important. They don’t care about politics or the future of this Country. They care about the latest pop culture news, sports and fashion instead of caring about the importance of this election. I blame that on a lot of things, the government has done a terrible job gaining my generation or the upcoming generation’s trust and they would rather just not partake. The problem is, they are taking all their freedoms and all their day to day life in America for granted. We cannot do that anymore!

We have real enemies out there that are dead set on destroying us, they love the fact that we are divided right now, because it makes their job easier. The terms racism, homophobic, xenophobic, sexism, feminism, white privilege, political correctness are all generated by the main stream media and the public educational systems to create divide and everyone has swallowed the bait. If we are divided they can run all over us, if we are united we can make the government listen to US!

So I want to make one last plea to all the voters out there whether you are a democrat, independent or republican to step back from news media and social media one day and seriously look deep in your heart and think about how important your vote is going to be this time.

We are at a crossroads as a Nation. If you look at the great nations and empires before us such as Great Britain, Rome, Greece, etc. They didn’t fall because they were conquered by a bigger a better force, they were destroyed from within. Rome is a great example because America based a lot of it’s constitution and designed parts of our government using the Roman politics. The sad thing is, we are doing the exact same things all of those great empires did before the collapsed. Rome started over spending and entertaining their people and giving handouts and their government became corrupt and small tribes slowly infiltrated the Roman Empire and destroyed it. But Rome had long fallen before because of from within. Look through history every great empire has destroyed itself from within.

Now I look back at WW1 and WW2 and the men who willingly laid their lives down all over the world in foreign countries to protect democracy here and abroad against socialism, fascism, Nazism, etc. In the Korean war men laid down their lives for democracy against communism. Millions of young men and mostly young boys have died all over this World willingly so that we may be free and that we may still hold elections today.

Yet we had half the democratic party vote for a self proclaimed “socialist”, that in itself shows you just how much in trouble we are as a country. Everybody wants something for free. The problem is nothing is for free, someone pays for it. So while half the country is on some sort of government assistance the rest of us who work our ass off every day pull your weight. No form of socialism works it never has and it never will. Capitalism in it’s truest form has made us great, because anyone can dream big and make it happen! But that slowly is going away, this really took a big leap under ObamaCare. Just look at the premiums rising, they are getting to the point that even people who make a decent living are going to have a hard time paying for it, while the people who are all welfare will receive it free. It’s a way of distributing wealth and it’s the first of many steps of turning us into a socialist country.

Now we have a candidate who has been tied to all kinds of corruptions, lies and pay to play in the government. A candidate who supports globalism over Americanism. The same candidate is under investigation by the FBI, the same candidate Hillary Clinton has said “if you are being investigated for terrorism you don’t deserve a gun”. Somehow she feels like even though there is blatant proof of fraud on her part and so many wrong doings it would take writing a book about it to figure it all out, she can still run for President. In other words she is saying I am above all of you average Americans, I can get away with what I want and I deserve this. Does that not upset you at all??

We have a choice and it’s the biggest choice you may ever face in this country, do we let those men and women who have laid their lives down for our freedom down? By voting for someone who receives money from countries who beat women and throws gays off buildings, but yet she is the champion for women and gays… or do we vote for someone who really sees the seriousness of it all and wants to shake up Washington and do things different for a change?

Before you vote ask yourself, with the vote I am about to cast, will I jeopardize everything all the soldiers have died for me in the past to have this freedom?

The choice is solely yours, take it seriously and remember we’re at a crossroads. Your one wrong decision could end America as we know it now.

Make your choice wisely and carefully!

Also, don’t believe Clinton when she says she’s for minorities, women, gays and immigration. I have included clips of her own words that show you she will say anything to get elected and doesn’t care about anyone especially minorities, women, gays or illegal immigrant.