The bitch is falling apart…


So I can’t keep my damn mouth shut any more. I’ve been watching the video of hillary having a seizure, locking up and being dragged into her van over and over the past week. So let’s go through the progression of this.

She claimed she got overheated in fucking 78 degree weather. So let me just say this, I’ve had a fucking heat stroke before and I didn’t have a motherfucking bobble head, lock up and be dragged into the shade. You feel extremely light headed, have some memory loss and may black out. Do you see anything close to what resembles being dehydrated and overheated?? Fuck No.

Then a few days later when everyone called her on her bullshit, she claims she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Are you fucking serious?? I have also know the symptoms of pneumonia, hell look it up. For your convenience here’s a link to WebMD. Is it serious? Yes. Can you die from it? Yes. Does it cause you to lock up and be dragged into a van after being a fucking bobble head? Fuck No!

This also comes after she clearly had a seizure and scared the living shit out of the reporter in the process. Then there’s the time she left the debate stage for a “bathroom break”. I know women pee a lot, that’s a fact, but you are a seasoned professional politician so you don’t get that fucking excuse. Then there’s the rally  where her handler (the mysterious black guy) had to snap her out of an episode when a protester interrupted her. She hasn’t had a press conference all year, serious?! Then there’s the coughing fits. The list goes on and on and on.

So here’s what really happened. The bitch is falling apart, fucking literally. She had a brain tumor in 2012, in the process they removed half her brain with it. The reason for her bobble headed episodes, her head is lopsided because half of her brain is missing. That also would explain all the fits and crazy episodes, half of her brain is missing. The bitch is fucking crazy and getting crazier by the minute.

On a serious note, she did have a brain tumor removed in 2012. My belief is that the tumor has come back and she is having major seizures behind the scenes. What the public is getting a glimpse of is the very mild controlled episodes, or what they can control. I truly believe she is seriously ill, possibly close to dying ill. She looks like walking death covered in makeup. She always has guys around ready to grab her if she falls, or supports as she walks. She’s normally sitting on a stool at rallies or holding on to something to hold herself up. It doesn’t take a fucking doctor to figure that shit out, just look at the bitch!

Now for the real fun, below is all the proof, the bitch is fucking crazy and is falling apart. There’s much more proof out there as much as the media doesn’t want you to see it. Karma is a major fucking bitch.


Are We Going To Let History Repeat It’s Self?

Trump was absolutely amazing! This is what a leader looks like, this is what a President looks like. You now have a choice to pick the path of this nation. Are we going to be great again or are we going to fall?

“History is watching us now…we don’t have much time, but history is watching. It’s waiting to see if we will rise to the occasion and if we will show the whole world that America is still free and independent and strong…” – Donald J Trump.

I could have not said it better myself. I’ve been saying this for years. Being the history buff I am I have studied the rise and fall of all the great empires of the world and we are at a precipice, if we don’t vote Trump and hillary wins…mark my words…this country is done. You don’t have to believe me, but look at Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Great Britain to name a few… do your own research and see why each one failed. History repeats itself, it’s our decision to determine if we become the great nation we once were and are capable of becoming or if we fail like the rest of the great empires of the World have…

Cunt of the day 

Typical libtard cunt…

All lives matter, shut the fuck up!

Let this fucking guy know “all lives matter” this fucking bullshit racist card being pulled is a ploy. If you want to be equal act like it! You don’t see “white outs”. The best way to be treated equal is to act equal… So quit the bullshit! We have a black president for God’s sake and yet we still have this bullshit happening all over the country

Tell him how you feel!

Fuck trigger warnings

Are you fucking kidding me?? How about grow up, grow some balls or a vagina and quit being a little bitch!